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The Magic Window Card

The Window Card is NOT an Effective Method to Sell Property.


Let me correct myself, in today's fast paced internet society, the 'windowcard' is a throw back to 1950's technology.

If you really think about it, you have to wonder why a major part of some agent's (companies) marketing strategy is the placement of a picture of your property in the window.

Now I know that this system has morphed into the 'electronic display' but the principles that it is based on are exactly the same. Let me explain:


1. Sellers love to see their property displayed. It is termed in the industry a 'listing tool'

2. The card creates false 'buyer activity' not sales.

3. This system based on the passive 'retail model'.  Basically, buyers have to find the property, this is the exact opposite of 'actively marketing' the property.

4. The 'serious' buyer does not wait until they are in the area before they start the process of looking for property.

5. These companies are trying to justify a 'high profile' location (again, a listing tool).

6. Less than 1% of SALES can be traced back to the window card. Time/money should be spent elseware where it is more effective (why isn't it?).


The new business model is based on proactively marketing to the correct demographic that fits the property profile. The old, passive model, waits for the buyer to walk past the window.

Think back ten or twenty years and consider the major changes the Real Estate industry has seen, now question why the window card is still hanging around.

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Sincerely, Daryl Rouse

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