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The Conversion Ratio

The conversion ratio is simply defined as the number of listings an agent/company has compared to the number of sales they achieve. In other words, the percentage chance that your property will sell if listed with them.

Follow along with this example (the company is fictional, the numbers are real):


1. 'ABC Realty' has 300 active listings on their books.

2. Last month they sold 15 properties.

3. This equates to a conversion ratio of 1:20.

4. For every 20 listings they take, only 1 will sell.

5. The percentage chance that a listing will sell is 5%.


Those are worse odds than at any gaming casino anywhere in the world. So the question begs, 'Why does this happen?'.

There is a simple answer, it is very easy for an agent to list a property, it is a completely different skill to be able to sell it. This skill is acquired over decades (several in my case).

I am (as are my clients) very proud of the fact that I currently have a very high conversion ratio. Simply put, 'If you list with me, I will get your property SOLD'.

In our current market the Agent can (and does) make the difference.


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