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The big lies that agents tell



1. I can get you a higher price than ......... (insert another company name here)

2. A large office (with many agents) is better, we work as a team on your property

3. If you give me (more) money for marketing, I can get you a higher sales price

4. Discount companies offer the same services as any other company

5. All the buyers come from the internet these days

6. Your property is perfect for an auction campaign

7. Lets test the market at your price first

8. Of course I conjunct (cooperate) with other agents if they have buyers

9. Your property is not selling because of the bad market

10. We have buyers right now looking for a home just like yours

Phew ......... this is just the top 10, there are many more (see below). Suffice to say that some agents hope you are not educated as a seller and you will fall for these pathetic lies. These sales 'techniques' are straight out of 1985. Sellers that do their homework will quickly realise why the good agents can sell (for top dollar) in any market, and, will identify these lies as just another 'sales' technique.

In my experience (30+ years of it), 10% of the agents know what they are doing (in any market; good or bad) and do it well with the clients goals and objectives the most important consideration, the rest (agents) have ulterior motives, mostly to list your property under any terms/conditions, and then beat you up and condition you down to their way of thinking, again, I am talking about the bottom 90% now.

Keep reading, and if you have ever heard some of these lies, and you are considering selling or currnelty in the process of selling, call me now to find out the difference between agents/agency's. Oh, and if you want the alternative to these lies, call me anytime.

11. Free marketing (or any other bait) if you list with me

12. I really like (love) your house

13. Our company does more advertising than other companies

14. We need to do opens all the time

15. We need to wait for the buyer to come along if it is not selling

16. I don't need the commission, I do it for the love

17. Trust me (my favourite)

18. Call me anytime. I work after hours, weekends and holidays

19. My buyer data base is huge

20. I can sell your property quickly

I bet the bottom 90% of agents will not like me being the 'whistle blower' but in the end, you (the consumer) will benefit from the transparency this will create.