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Sell with a friend?

This is a tough one. Listing with a friend because of your relationship, to the uninitiated is a simple way to get your property on the market. You do not have to go through the 'normal' process of interviewing agents to find the most qualified applicant.

This scenario is only good when, and if the property sells. Unfortunately, you might be reading this now because the opposite is true. Selling property is my business, not my hobby. You have to make sound business decisions, even after the initial emotional decision which has put you into this position.

Consider the following points, these are not meant to offend your 'friend':


1. Your 'friend' has failed to facilitate the sale of your property.

2. How do you confront them and demand results?

3. How do you maintain your friendship through this immensely stressful period?

4. How can they tell you the truth and not risk offending you?

5. How can you change agents get your property SOLD and still maintain a friendship.


I have the solution for you which will allow you to take the next step, increase the exposure on your property (at no cost to you) and maintain your friendship.

I have over 23 years experience selling Real Estate and this is the third major market correction I have successfully sold through.

In our current market 1% can (and does) make the difference.

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Daryl Rouse


The first and only agent with a SALE GUARANTEE.


PS. An expert has stopped guessing, he knows for sure.