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Sell for LESS

Every seller is different. Every seller's situation is different. These are the simple facts of Real Estate. In an effort to address these differences I have created a 'Menu of Services' that is designed to allow you to choose the compensation, marketing and exposure package that best suits your selling position in our current market.


2. VARIABLE FEE: -  Lower percentage fee if property sells quickly

3. FLAT FEE:  A lower rate (similar to discount companies)

4. FEE FOR SERVICE: Pay as  you go (like lawyers charge).

Please be aware that each option has different degrees of exposure and penetration into the buyer pool. Also, responsiveness on conjunctions from cooperating agents will vary from 0% to 100%. These variables will affect your time on market and ultimately, your acceptance price.

Obviously, in one-page letter, I cannot fully explain the pros and cons of each option. Please call me, to arrange a consultation for you particular circumstance.

Daryl Rouse

The first and only agent with a SALE GUARANTEE.


*All fees + GST


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