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Questions agents hate

That's right. There are always reasons that property does not sell, in any market. Try this test on any agent and observe their reaction closely.


1. On conjunctions, do you offer the buyers agent at least 52%?

2. Can I cancel the listing at any time, unconditionally?

3. Do you exclude buyers from working with another agent if they originally found the property through you?

4. Do you use a lock box to facilitate quicker conjunctional showings?

5. Is the price and address on the Internet?

6. Do you have the highest license level (Principal)?

7. Do you use 24/7 property information lines?

8. Do you have a positioning strategy to generate offers quickly?

9. Have you been selling Real Estate for greater than 23 years?

10. Do you offer a performance guarantee?


Most agents won't even be aware of how to answer these questions because they are cutting edge systems used exclusively by me.

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Daryl Rouse


The first and only agent with a SALE GUARANTEE.