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Open listings

Might as well, sell your property yourself. It is the same as being an 'Open' listing. The only reason you are probably reading this is because your property HAS NOT sold. Now, I understand why you went 'open'. It is usually by default. You were 'exclusively' listed and the property did not sell. You thought that the 'open' listing cannot be any worse. Well, you're right, and wrong. Let me explain:


1. Re-listing 'exclusively' with an agent doing nothing different, achieves nothing.

2. Right now, your agent/agents are doing nothing. The test; are they all calling you weekly with updates? Didn't think so. Why you might ask?

3. Because now you have placed yourself in the last chance basket.

4. There is not a commitment from you or the agents.

5. Their marketing plan at this point is crossing their fingers and hoping a buyer finds them.

6. Might as well put your own sign in the front yard, same chance of selling, except now you don't have to pay an agent, this is of course assuming the property would actually sell under these conditions.


Ok, so maybe now you're mad, good. I am in a very small minority, I WILL NOT TAKE AN OPEN LISTING! Why? Because it is a lie to you to let you think that this is a viable alternative. It is not. All you are doing is attracting desperate agents that want a sign in front of your property.

Your next step; Call me if you really want to sell and hear the TRUTH as to what needs to be done, now. Simply scroll over the 'FREE CALL' button at the top right of this page.


Daryl Rouse


The first and only agent with a SALE GUARANTEE.