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Offers in 30 days

It's just a simple fact. Property is selling right now, even as you read this letter.


I want to earn your business. In this market, make no mistake, the agent does make the difference.

I am currently utilising marketing systems that will virtually guarantee offers within 30 days.

Now, some of the offers will not be acceptable, but this system will allow me to negotiate them to the highest possible amount and then present them to you so you can make a decision. This is the ideal scenario:

1. Property goes 'on the market'

2. I implement my unique strategies

3. Offers are generated within 30 days.

4. You decide which ones you reject, counter or accept.

5. I put the SOLD sign up.

6. You thank me :-)


If you have read this far, maybe, just maybe, you might give me a call and at least give me the benefit of the doubt. I would like to come out and give you a consultation on what needs to be done from this point on.


To be connected to me instantly, simply scroll over the 'FREE CALL' icon on the top right of this page.


Daryl Rouse

The first and only agent with a SALE GUARANTEE.