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My property is not selling!

I hear this question all the time. In today's market there can be several reasons including, but not limited to:


1. Not positioned correctly.

2. Not presented correctly.

3. Exposed to people who are not buying.

4. Inexperienced agent.

5. Agent not telling you the truth.

6. Ineffective marketing.

7. Low seller motivation.

8. Low agent motivation.

9. Obsolete conjunction policy.

10. Agent lacking skills necessary to overcome buyer hesitation.

11. Not priority in agent's inventory.

12. Agent's inventory too high.

13. Low market penetration.

14. Has become stale on the market.

15. Ineffective refresher techniques applied by agent.

16. Ineffective price reductions


I could go on, there are lots more. Agents are still using last century (literally) sales practices to try to sell in the new millennium. Call me if you want a RESULT. For instant connection scroll over the 'FREE CALL' button at the top right of this page.


Daryl Rouse


The first and only agent with a SALE GUARANTEE.