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List at any price

Why do agents list property they can't sell?

Right now you may have been on the market for a while without a successful result. You may have even interviewed several agents to get new opinions. Now the disparity starts.

Why do some agents (tell you the truth) refuse to take the listing, while others jump at it, at any price? Well there are some truths here that as the consumer (seller) these agents hope you don't figure it out. Let me explain.

1. A listing, even if it does not sell, is still marketing for the agent.

2. Some agents are simply out of touch with positioning in this market.

3. The most common marketing plan in operation here is 'The Crossing of Fingers'.

4. There is no concern for you, the money you part with or, your property.

5. Severe misunderstanding for creating a long standing listing that becomes very stale due to the time on the market (buyers have access to this information).

Here is a simple truth: if you are not getting showings/offers on your property, you may have been subject to an agent listing your property for the WRONG reasons. Please do not assume I am suggesting changing your price, I am not. What I am suggesting is that you gravitate towards reputable experienced agents that understand the property and the market we are currently in and tell you the truth, as opposed to just trying to get another listing they know they can't sell.

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In our current market, the RIGHT Agent is the difference between listing or SELLING.

Sincerely, Daryl Rouse

The first and only agent with a SALES GUARANTEE.

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