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For Aug/Sep 2016

The 'Rouse Real Estate Report'  for the Northern Sunshine Coast

You can always go to the generic Real Estate information sites and get the latest 'official' perspective however, if you want it from the trenches (every month) on the Northern Sunny Coast, read on....... 

To all of our clients that are in the Southern States (or in any cooler climate), last night (7th Oct), it actually got down to 11 degrees, now don't feel sorry for me, by 10:00 am, it was 26.  Welcome to the Sunshine Coast.  Onto the market. Traditionally, this time and year (and moving forward) is 'prime' time,  I do not see this year being an exception.  The misconception is that you have a better chance to sell, as there are more buyers.  This is true to a certain extent, but you also have to factor in that many more sellers choose this time of year to sell, so your competition (volume of properties on the market) also increases.  The actual percentage chance of selling only varies by a few percent.  So, if you have been considering selling, give me a call now for a free market evaluation.  If you are not in a hurry, and your property does not have a pool, selling after March is ok too.

If you would like me to hone in on your particular property for a more accurate analysis, simply call or email.  My current summary for specific categories follows:

Housing - Residential:  Moving into a very positive time of the year

Housing - Units:  Still going from strength to strength

Housing - Rural:  Still good demand

Land - Rural/Residential: Very strong, and I think it will stay that way for a while

Rentals:  Definitely an interesting dynamic at the moment.  In some areas (Coolum Beach) the rents are strong and demand is high, however in other areas (Peregian Springs/Peregian Breeze), we are over supplied and we even have had some tenants wanting to renegotiate a lower rental value on their lease renewal.  Moving towards the end of the end of the tear, traditionally, this will be a strong rental market, although we suspect another dip pre-Christmas, similar to last year.  January will see it pick up again, hopefully. 

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