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For May 2016

The 'Rouse Real Estate Report'  for the Northern Sunshine Coast


You can always go to the generic Real Estate information sites and get the latest 'official' perspective however, if you want it from the trenches (every month) on the Northern Sunny Coast, read on....... 

First day of Winter, and it is cold (17 degrees), overcast and raining, I love the season. Has the Real Estate market cooled, yes, a bit.  But interestingly enough, there are many reports (from the 'experts') that show the capital cities have rallied again (we normally follow this trend).  That being said, there does seem to be some hesitation in our local market.  Nothing to worry about, as I always say, if you really don't have to sell, don't.  The issue I am facing is a lack of properties to actually sell.  Consequently, the buyers are still there, but if we don't have something to sell them, the statistical analysis (again, from the 'experts') will show a slowing of the market, so it is wise to not necessarily believe everything you read/hear.  As for the prediction for the next quarter, probably much of the same.  If it is, then the Spring season should see a significant pulse increase in the market. 

If you would like me to hone in on your particular property for a more accurate analysis, simply call or email.  My current summary for specific categories follows: 

Housing - Residential:  Slowed a bit, short of inventory to actually sell

Housing - Units:  Very similar to housing

Housing - Rural:  Moving, albeit a bit slowly

Land - Rural/Residential:  Selling well, but still a lack of stock 

Rentals:  This has been the biggest change, it is definitely a slowed market.  Tenants are staying put, and we are not seeing very many moving into the area, so competition is fierce.  We have had a good run for 2 years, but it is over, at least for now.  Rental values have decreased and the vacancy factor has increased.  The only strategy in this market, is not to chase the rental value down. Jump below the market price and get a tenant (qualified) in, then start to raise the rent when the market allow us to.   As with sales, If you would like me to hone in on your particular property for a more accurate rental analysis, simply call or email


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