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For Dec 2016 & Jan 2017

The 'Rouse Real Estate Report'  for the Northern Sunshine Coast
You can always go to the generic Real Estate information sites and get the latest 'official' perspective however, if you want it from the trenches (every month) on the Northern Sunny Coast, read on.......
All I can say about 2016 was that it panned out how I had thought.  The market was stronger and things got back to some normalcy.  It did not go crazy, just steady and mostly predictable.  December (2016) was quite strong as was January (2107).  As other agents will probably attest, most of the properties that are being listed, are selling (with some rare exceptions).  Some areas are doing better than others, but all, in all, 2017 will be very steady.  Now, rather than just my normal report on different sectors of the market and how they are dong, this time I though I would also give you some insight as to when is the best time to sell.  This is solely based on my 30+ years experience. Obviously, there are always exceptions to theses rules and ones you have to combine and make concessions: 
West facing, sell in Winter.  if you have a pool, sell in Summer. Rentals, time to within 3 months before the end of the lease. In the bush, the dry season, Very steep driveway, the dry season.  If you have lots of mozzies etc, dry season.  Strictly a holiday house/unit, sell in any holidays.  There are a lot more rules, so give me a call/email if you need help.  Moving on.....
My current summary for specific categories for 2017 are as follows:
Housing - Residential:  Activity will be way up, and prices will strengthen and increase
Housing - Units: Activity again will be up, and prices will follow, especially under $350K
Housing - Rural: Good, well maintained property will be in high demand
Land - Rural/Residential:  Flatter with/without views will be at a premium
Rentals:  I asked Yvette, Samantha and Alain (my property managers) what were their thoughts on the rental market for 2017, and they all said mostly the same thing.  Rental values will increase, there will be fewer choices, and prospective tenants will need to be squeaky clean on their applications, as there will be lots of competence for each property. 
And finally, if you would like me to hone in on your particular property for a more accurate analysis, simply call or email

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