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For April 2016

The 'Rouse Real Estate Report'  for the Northern Sunshine Coast

You can always go to the generic Real Estate information sites and get the latest 'official'perspective however, if you want it from the trenches (every month) on the Northern Sunny Coast, read on....... 

Apart from the fact we seem to having a lot more rain than usual, nothing much has changed in the past month.  The market is moving, though not at a stellar rate.  If I had to give it a name, I would say. 'Just below normal'. Don't get me wrong, property is still selling, and selling well, there just seems to be a slight lack of excitement in the marketplace.  Sellers do not appear to be too worried and buyers do not seem to be in too much of a hurry.  I have seen these markets before in my 30 years selling real estate, and they are transitional. I suppose the real question is; where will the market go next?  I am, by nature a positive person, so I do believe (with some evidence) as long as sellers do not get greedy, and buyers stay realistic, we will get back to a normal market once the stock depletes a bit.  

If you would like me to hone in on your particular property for a more accurate analysis, simply call or email.  My current summary for specific categories follows: 

Housing - Residential:  Status Quo (not the band if you are over 50)

Housing - Units:  Still selling relatively well

Housing - Rural:  Selling, although the wet weather does not help

Land - Rural/Residential:  Same as rural housing


Rentals:  Deja vu all over again (per Yogi Berra).  We are experiencing slightly higher vacancy levels than we have for a few years, but we are getting them leased.  I think this is just a slight bump from a bit of oversupply.  As we move through Winter I believe the stock will deplete and we will get back to stronger occupancy rates and  rental values.  As with sales, If you would like me to hone in on your particular property for a more accurate rental analysis, simply call or email.  

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