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Discount companies

In any real estate market you have a choice of many agents/companies including the 'Discount Company'.

Before you decide to list your property with one of these companies, consider the following, it's not what they charge, it's what they cost.

1. Does a Mercedes cost the same as a Nissan? Not realistic is it?

2. To offer everything a full service company offers is not possible, if it were, the full service company would not exist.

3. If you needed surgery, would you go to the 'Discount Heart Surgeon', of course not, then why is it a good idea with the largest and most important asset you own?

4. If your property doesn't sell, it makes no difference how much you don't pay, even if the commission is only $1.00.

5. All cooperation from other agents is eliminated due to there not being a full commission to share. That means if another agent has a buyer for the property they will not introduce them because there is not a conjunction policy. You lose.

6. No company budget to utilise emerging technology and sales systems to increase the exposure of your property.

7. The exposure of your property is limited to the local area only. Unless you get tricked into 'Vendor Paid Advertising' because of the lower Real Estate Agent fees.

8. The top producing agents are not working for these companies, why would they? It sends the wrong message to buyers, DISCOUNT = NOT SERIOUS


In the absence of true value, price (commission) is always the determining factor.


Don't be fooled into thinking this type of agent/company is a viable alternative, it is not. When you want guaranteed results, a higher sales price and more exposure, call me.

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Daryl Rouse

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