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Changing agents, beware

It seems there is a trend in the market place right now that when you decide your current agent has failed at the job of getting your property sold, and you decide to fire them, several events seem to always arise. You will suddenly hear/experience one, or a combination of the following, usually in the last 2 weeks of the listing agreement.

1. They have 'booked' an ad already.

2. A 'Phantom' buyer suddenly shows interest.

3. An 'offer' to purchase is imminent (usually verbal).

4. A 'guilt' tactic is employed, eg. I have been working hard for you.

5. An 'office manager' suddenly shows interest.

6. They try to 'switch' you to another agent in the same office.

7. They offer to spend their 'own' money on ads etc (why now?).

8. They have scheduled a 'showing'.

9. They have scheduled an 'open for inspection'.

10. Suddenly an 'Auction' plan is revealed.


I could go on. All of the above are designed to 'extend' the listing as long as possible. At this point the agent's marketing plan is simply crossing their fingers and hoping a buyer comes along and says they want to buy. Suffice to say, you will hear and see your agents much more when you tell them they are being replaced. Don't fall for it. These tactics were used extensively in the last century, and they some times work on the unaware consumer.

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