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Cancel your listing

I know that sounds counter productive, but please, follow my logic. This applies if your property has been on the market for an extended period of time with out a result (an acceptable offer). Leaving your property sitting accomplishes nothing, in fact, it may hurt your chances of selling in the future. Let me explain.


1. Your agent/agents are doing nothing. Your listing is now in their 'too hard' basket, in fact, they have probably stopped all communication with you.

2. You are now what is commonly called on 'open listing', translation: You are a private seller with a Real Estate Agent's sign out the front.

3. The buying public is aware of the extended time on the market, not good.

4. Sends the wrong message to the public, that is, you are not serious about selling. They deduce that you want too much for the property or there is another problem.

5. Your agent/agents marketing plan at this point is crossing their fingers and hoping a buyer calls them to purchase. Won't happen in this market.

6. You eliminate the chance of a FRESH start, because your property was never OFF the market.


As you can see there is not a good reason to sit in limbo. When you want to sell, put the property on the market and proceed at 100%. Until then, take it off the market. To do this you need to actually CANCEL in writing the agents contract (this is not commonly known, and agents will not freely tell you).

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