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Buyer data Bases

I have 1,645,987 potential buyers on my 'Buyer Data Base'

This is simply not true. Do you get tired of always hearing "My data base is bigger than yours". I know I do. Let me dispel some common misconceptions.

1. It is really a misnomer, it should be a 'non' buyers data base. Buyers actually buy. The ones that don't are stored forever on these data bases.

2. Bigger is not necessarily better. Think quality, not quantity.

3. Most of the buyers are on ALL of the agents data bases (including mine) because they call all of the offices.

4. If these data bases are so effective, then why are there ads all the time looking for the same buyers?.

5. Often the term 'international' data base is used. This means that some one called from overseas. It is not an internationally marketed system.

6. In reality, only a very small number (not percentage) of people on these data bases are probably 'real' buyers.

Please think of me as your 'consumer advocate' for Real Estate. I will be the whistle blower on all of the practices and procedures that mislead you, and ultimately cost you time and money.

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Daryl Rouse

The first and only agent with a SALES GUARANTEE.

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