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30% More


That's a big number, in fact in regard to selling your property, it could be (and probably is) the difference between listing and SELLING.

I (exclusively) utilise a system that has the potential to increase your chance of selling by as much as 30% at no cost to you, except a call to me.

I have over 23 years experience selling Real Estate and this is the third major market correction I have successfully sold through.

As an agent, there are many adjustments that HAVE to be made to take advantage of the current conditions; I have proactively made those adjustments.

In our current market 1% can (and does) make the difference.

Call me for a consultation now, for instant connection scroll over the 'FREE CALL' button at the top right of this page.


The first and only agent with a SALES GUARANTEE.

PS. An expert has stopped guessing, he knows for sure.