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12 Reasons


In any market there are always properties that don't sell while around them other properties are selling. Do you wonder why? Sometimes when the answer can't be easily found, the obvious things get blamed, specifically, the market.

This does not make sense, if the market can cause the problem then the market can fix the problem, then you don't need Real Estate Agents. Simply wait for a better market.

My job is to do an analysis of the market and the buyers then determine what needs to be done to not only get your property SOLD but at a price you will be quite happy (surprised) with.

In my experience (23 years) there are always at least 4 conditions (of the 12) that will cause property not to sell in our current market (and I am not referring to the price).

So if you are considering selling (or are currently not seeing results), your first/next call should be to the expert in tough markets. Call me for a consultation now.

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